Folk art ice fishing fish decoys… John Gabriel

A small collection of my fish decoys from 1983 to present. When I first started out making decoys they were quite crude and as my style grew it became more of my own. While it did vary back and forth I always tried to stay close to a folk art approach and sometimes a little outsider showing.

I’ve always tried to seek my own path and do things a little different from others so I’m always extensively searching the internet and books to keep much of my work original as possible.

Some of my favorite original endeavors are, Double Trouble with two fish joined by the pectoral fins to form a single fish decoy, skeleton fish decoy, safety pin decoy, freaky frog with snake head feet, clothespin decoy with cheater hook, driftwood fish decoy, Swivel hooked tail decoy, pyrography teardrop design on my decoys, Poor old Patches the patch quilt fish decoy, Outsider catfish decoys, Bandit fish decoys, and my latest 2016 Mod fish decoy.  Lone Wolf Decoys are Copyrighted work by John Gabriel

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